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Well Testing

Springfield Oregon Water Testing | Water Flow Testing Eugene

Water testing is always recommended when buying real estate or determining the need for and type of treatment system.  Testing for coliform should be done on a periodic basis.

Certified 4 Hour Pump Flow Test - this test is generally required by the buyer, in a real estate transaction.  This tests the capacity of the well, limited to the pump in the well.  The well is pumped for a 4 hour period, checking the flow rate, and sometimes the draw down, every 15 minutes.  

Quality or Purity Testing - there is a variety of water testing packages you can chose from.  The basic three tests required for real estate transaction in Oregon are bacteria (e. coli, and coliform bacteria), nitrate and arsenic.   

Thinking about buying real estate in Springfield, Oregon? Water testing is an important first step, and McKenzie Valley Pump can help. We also provide water flow testing for Eugene and all of Lane County.