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What's In Your Water?

In rural Lane County, a water source may be a spring, river water, shallow or deep well.  Water quality can vary greatly depending on both the source and the local conditions.  
Surface water is naturally pure in our area, but is easily subject to contamination by animals and people.  The most common contaminants are bacteria and cysts.  Other than protecting the souorce, common treatment for cysts is through filtration.  For bacteria, treatment is through UV or chlorination. 

Shallow wells, though producing some of the best quality water, may have problems with coliform bacteria, nitrates, acidity or iron.  Bacteria is treated with UV.  Nitrates are removed with an anion resin system.  Acidity and iron are easily corrected through a filtration system. 

Deeper wells are often sealed in an impervious rock layer, and therefore may avoid some of the contamination problems of shallow wells and surface water, but may have problems with minerals or elements originating from the rock in the aquafer.  These can include iron, manganese, silica, hardness, sodium, arsenic and others. 

Other water quality issues may include tannin, which color the water, gas bubbles, and hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg smell).
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If you're concerned about the water you drink at home, contact McKenzie Valley Pump for on-site water testing in Eugene, Oregon. We can provide residential water treatment in Lane County and help identify common contaminants.
  • Water Testing Information

    McKenzie Valley Pump will test your water onsite or collect a sample for lab testing.  If you prefer to sample and test your own water, you can contact the following in Eugene:

       Analytical Laboratories and Consultants 
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